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Dental Implants and Lasers

There is a new mantra chanted by dentists these days: in certain clinical situations, bone is more important than teeth. For generations, dentists and periodontists, in particular based their core treatment around saving teeth. After all, whenever possible, the alternative of having dentures was one to be avoided. So every treatment at our disposal was used to save teeth, including root canals, removing a root but not the whole tooth, bridges, and more. While these treatments are still viable and are performed everyday, dentistry has evolved a new set of goals that are embraced by the doctors at Central Park Periodontics:

  1. Our goal is to treat the periodontal condition and save all teeth whenever possible
  2. Our goal is to partner with each patient and their dentist - to custom-make a treatment plan that addresses their needs while addressing risk factors that may affect their overall health
  3. Our goal is to provide treatment options whenever practical
  4. Our goal is to provide long-lasting treatments, not short-term remedies
  5. Our goals include the concept that enamel is sacrosanct and that healthy teeth must be preserved when a dental implant can replace a hopeless or missing tooth
  6. Our goal is to embrace the latest technologies while employing tried-and-true treatments.
  7. Our goal is to make lifetime patients. To this end, we will strive to make you comfortable in our office, regardless of the form of treatment you need.

Each periodontist at Central Park Periodontics has had extensive training in inserting implants, and is skillful in utilizing the complex surgical procedures necessary to treat patients with severe forms of bone loss.

While all forms of traditional periodontal treatment are performed in the office, laser therapy is available for special situations. The LANAP™ (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is performed in Central Park Periodontics. This patented procedure takes advantage of the body's own healing potential to yield excellent results. This treatment is patented, and we employ the only FDA laser technology that can regenerate destroyed periodontal tissues. In addition, we use lasers to disinfect periodontal pockets.

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