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**Central Park Periodontics is a dental group of periodontists specializing in periodontal treatment (gum disease) and inserting dental implants. In addition, our periodontists perform gum grafts, bone grafts, use digitized computer X-rays, perform laser (LANAP) surgery, and practice cosmetic dental surgery.

Our Mission

The doctors and staff of Central Park Periodontics understand your unique needs and share your goal to achieve a healthy mouth and proud smile. We also understand that every patient has concerns and questions about gum disease and its links to systemic diseases, or may want to know more about dental implants. We strive to provide the answers to these important issues so that you will be fully informed on what is the best course of treatment to help treat your condition. Along the way, it is important for us to allay your normal apprehensions, and to do so in a serene and safe environment.

We, at Central Park Periodontics, are a dedicated team of professionals, whose mission is to insure that your dental experience here is the best it possibly can be. And we are mindful that teams have many members that support each other in forging strong bonds. That is why the outstanding team approach at Central Park Periodontics doesn’t begin and end with our highly trained periodontal specialists and our skillful staff; it includes you, the patient and, very importantly, your restorative (family) dentist or prosthodontist. We partner with your dentist, working hand-in-hand with him or her to understand your specific problem and offer a range of treatment options to restore your oral condition back to optimum dental health.

The third part of this triad – your dentist and Central Park Periodontics are two cornerstones – is you, the patient. You are an integral team member in the success of your treatment. We will educate you not only how best to help your periodontal condition, but how to help maintain healthy teeth and gums for the rest of your life.

Welcome to Central Park Periodontics.

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