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Dental implants, NYC: Esthetic Implants with Natural Pink

Dental implants, while more commonplace and accepted as a "routine" dental procedure, are still undergoing refinements in New York City. No longer are we satisfied with the fact that the jaw bone has fused to the implant - we call this osseointegration - but we strive for the most esthetic outcome possible. Dentists need to be vigilant about how thin or thick a patient's gum tissue is. We call this the "biotype." When the tissue is thick, dental implant esthetics are easier to achieve. If the tissue is thin, as in this example, the implant can be seen through the gums, giving it a gray hue.

While virtually all dental implants are composed of titanium, and regardless of how the surface is roughened to enhance bone attachment, the implants are gray. To date, attempts to make "white" dental implants have not been all that successful. But now, there is a new implant by Keystone Dental, Inc., that addresses this important esthetic issue.

Keystone has created the "Genesis" implant that has a pink collar that is called, AnaTite™ that projects a hue that resembles gingival tissue. Not only is the collar pink on this dental implant, but the abutment which supports the crown, is also pink.

The result is an esthetic crown, supported by a stable dental implant under the gums.

The picture, below demonstrates the cosmetic benefit of using the Genesis dental implant in NYC.

The dental implant is highlighted by the yellow circle.

Dental implants in New York City are a successful procedure that can be enhanced by the type of implant used. While most implants osseointegrate, the biotype of a patient's gingival may affect the esthetic outcome. Patients needing implants in NYC should become familiar with their tissue type, whether it is thin or thick, +and cosmetic outcome can be expected from a New York City periodontist inserting a dental implant.

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